1. What is the IOEE Centre of Excellence Approval Fee?

    The approval fee is £6,000 for 3 years approval.

  2. What is the IOEE Centre of Excellence Re-approval Fee?

    The re-approval fee is £3,000 for a further 3 years.

  3. What are the benefits of becoming an IOEE Centre of Excellence?

    As an approved IOEE Centre of Excellence, you will have access to the following benefits:

    • Being seen as a leading edge, premier league organisation
    • Promotion and recognition by IOEE and its partners
    • Providing an added benefit in the recruitment of high quality students and learners
    • Being able to demonstrate and publicise your achievement
    • Being able to benchmark your centre against international standards
    • Being able to demonstrate to your customers that you are part of a quality assured system
    • Being able to review and continuously improve how you do things
    • Credibility of linking to external standards
    • Having access to best practice research and standards covering enterprise and enterprise support
    • Helping all stakeholders to recognise your commitment to developing an enterprise and entrepreneurial culture
    • Providing the opportunity to publish research papers/reports within the IOEE
    • Providing your staff, students and learners with access to IOEE membership
    • Providing access to international awards and qualifications
    • Providing assistance in developing enterprise and entrepreneurial led curriculum and learning programmes

  4. How do I apply to be an IOEE Centre of Excellence?

    Your Account Executive will discuss the application process with you personally.
    For further details of how to apply email [email protected]

  5. What is the Assessment Process?

    Your completed application will be passed to an assessor who will carry out a desktop evaluation. During the desktop evaluation they will:

    • Evaluate your statements and make judgements about whether they meet each criteria
    • Decide whether the supporting documents you have provided adequately support your statements
    • Decide which areas they wish to explore further during their site visit
    • Decide which people, staff and clients they would like to consult

    For a detailed breakdown of the application and assessment process please download the Guidance for Centres of Excellence. If you require any additional information please contact: [email protected]

  6. What are the timescales for IOEE Centre of Excellence approval?

    The amount of time it takes is up to you. Most centres find that it takes approximately three months from completing the application to achieving recognition as an IOEE Centre of Excellence.
    During those three months they spent three days completing their application and a day for the assessor’s site visit.
    Please note: These figures do depend on how much development your centre needs before it meets the IOEE Centre of Excellence criteria.

  7. What is the Quality Assurance process in relation to being an IOEE Centre of Excellence?

    IOEE Centres of Excellence have robust systems and processes to ensure the highest level of quality assurance. We will look at potential IOEE Centres of Excellence internal quality systems and process in line with the centre criteria as set out in the Application and Guidance document.

  8. What is the criteria for IOEE to accredited my own programmes?

    The Centre of Excellence guidance document outlines the criteria to accredit your own programmes. Please follow this link to download your copy: Guidance for Centres of Excellence . If you have any further questions or need support, please contact customer services: [email protected]

  9. How do I gain Re-Approval?

    During the 12 months following your assessment, you will work towards the development plan- as agreed with your assessor. This will form a substantial part of your reassessment.

  10. When does Reassessment happen?

    Reassessment will happen annually. Three months before the year is up, you will be asked to complete a short report that shows:

    • What progress you have made against your development plan.
    • Any changes to direction, staff or products and services.
    • How you continue to meet IOEE Enterprise Academy criteria.

    Your assessor will visit your centre (if required) to make sure that you continue to meet the IOEE Centre of Excellence criteria.

  11. What if I fail Reassessment?

    If your assessor feels that you do not continue to meet all the criteria in full, they will complete an action plan:

    • Clearly identify any actions to be carried out prior to centre re-approval.
    • Include timescales for achievement.
    • Gives specific examples to help you meet your action plan.

    At an agreed date, your assessor will review how you have met the action plan. They may do this remotely, by telephone or email, or they may visit you on site.

  12. If unsuccessful can I reapply to become an IOEE Centre of Excellence?

    It will be possible for you to reapply to become an IOEE Centre of Excellence upon agreement of an individual fee. This fee will be calculated by evaluating the amount of further input required to successfully assess you as an IOEE Centre of Excellence.

  13. What is an IOEE Centre of Excellence?

    An IOEE Centre of Excellence is an accreditation for organisations who promote and deliver enterprise and entrepreneurship skills development E.g. HE Institutions, Colleges of Further Education, Enterprise Support Organisations and Training Providers.
    IOEE Centres of Excellence do this by:
     Encouraging the development of an enterprise and entrepreneurial culture for its staff and learners;
     Recognising and adopting leading edge practice in the areas of enterprise and enterprise support development; and
     Supporting continuous development, improvement and growth through the promotion of enterprising and entrepreneurial thinking and practice

  14. How do I complete the application form?

    When completing your application form, please read each criteria and think how your organisation has met this. We would ask that you
    • List the evidence you are presenting, identifying if you are attaching to the application or making it available on site.
    • Think about the documents that you can provide to help us see how you have met the criteria. Remember the more you can send to us with your application the less likely we will need to conduct an onsite visit.
    • Give each document a title if it does not already have one.
    • Write a number on each document.
    • Write a number and title on each document in the corresponding columns in the application form. It is highly likely that one document will support your claims against more than one criteria.
    If you require any support please contact your Account Executive