1. My students have forgotten their username and password?

    Please email the IOEE membership team:[email protected] including your email address when originally registered. A member of the team will reset your password. You will then receive an email containing your username and password.

  2. How do students reset their password?

    To reset your IOEE membership password, please click on the following link: http://ioee.co.uk/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

  3. How do students find their IOEE membership number?

    Log into their membership profile, then under the community bar click on your profile and their membership number will be displayed on the left hand side.
    Our support team is available to help you do this and can be contacted on [email protected]

  4. A student would like to upgrade their IOEE membership?

    They can upgrade their membership by logging into their membership profile and clicking on the green upgrade button on the right hand side. They will need to check that they meet the relevant criteria for the higher level of membership by visiting http://ioee.uk/membership/types-of-membership/Asan Associate, Full or Fellow member you are able to use the relevant post nominal letters (AIOEE, MIOEE or FIOEE) after your name.

  5. What are professional qualifications offered by IOEE?

    They are based on the National Occupational Standards for Enterprise which are developed and maintained by SFEDI, the Sector Skills Body for Enterprise and Enterprise Support. They provide a framework and qualification benchmark for the quality assurance process.
    IOEE understands the need for a flexible approach when delivering enterprise learning and these professional programmes have been developed with this in mind.
    Academies have control over how the learning outcomes are both achieved and evidenced.